Life and Death in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky (Mongolia)

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The Eternal Sky was the most powerful and mighty of all forces and Chinngis Khan believed that he conquered with the Rule of Heaven – the supreme god of the Eternal Blue Sky. A combination of shamanistic and Buddhist belief remains to this day as an easy and unselfconscious part of Mongolian life.

Mongolia has been described as the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky". This East Asian nation, sandwiched between Russia and China, boasts world-famous natural beauties such as vast steppes, deserts, mountains and taiga.

Mongolia, the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky", is clearly a fascinating country – a world of its own, unparalleled and unique. Mongolia is a landlocked unitary sovereign state in East Asia. Its area is roughly equivalent with the historical territory of Outer Mongolia, and that term is sometimes used to refer to the current state.

This is an outsized land for outsized legends. No roads, no permanent buildings; just unfurling sky, tufted dry grass and streaming wind.

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Long Drops and Ancient Capital of Mongolia (Land of the Eternal Blue Sky) Part 4 When you aren’t looking at your phone, or computer, days just pass. The only reason I knew what day we were on was when I sat down with my diary and the travel schedule to work out that the 1st of August was a Monday.

Mongolia is poetically called the "Land of Eternal Blue Sky" (Munkh Khukh Tengriin Oron) by its inhabitants. Tengrists view their existence as sustained by the eternal blue sky (tengri), the fertile mother-earth spirit (Eje) and a ruler regarded as the holy spirit of the sky.

Clune’s “White Out: The Secret Life of Heroin” is as good as it is. “A single cloud moved through the blue sky,” it begins. “I was on my back looking up. My eye was a glass box, and inside it there.

Khukh tengri means "blue sky" in Mongolian, Mongolians still pray to Munkh Khukh Tengri ("Eternal Blue Sky") and Mongolia is sometimes poetically called the "Land of Eternal Blue Sky" (Munkh Khukh Tengriin Oron) by its inhabitants.