3 Indie Colorado Poets You Should Be Reading This Summer

How could we not have noticed Jane Hilberry's three poems (she has a book. We will also explore the publishing world, writing we love, and other literary pursuits. read kierstin Bridger's poem “Care-Taking” from the san juan independent, won first place in poetry for the 2015 Blue mesa summer writing Contest.

We’re currently reading submissions for our spring 2020 print issue and would love to hear from you! Bridge accepts original, unpublished work by artists and writers age 14-24. We’re looking for stunning stuff: send us your short fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, journalism, poetry, plays for stage and screen, comics, and fine art.

“Hopefully we’ll give everyone something to think about and help curate a good reading list for the winter.” This evening’s party kicks off a big week for Kravitz and her coworkers as they bring a.

Neil Hilborn is probably one of the most talented, breathtaking poets today. He does live readings of his poems, and they have all left me speechless and wanting more. Hilborn suffers from OCD and covers that in his poetry. He’s truly one of the best current poets you should be reading. buttonpoetry.com

3 Indie Colorado Poets You Should Be Reading This Summer. By Adam Ellis / Jun 14, 2019 / Author Features. One thing that Denver has become known for.

Although it wasn’t easy to narrow down our choices, here are 3 local indie poets whose collections you should be reading this summer. Islanders by Teow Lim Goh Released by local Colorado indie publisher Conundrum Press , local poet teow lim goh’s recent poetry collection Islanders illuminates a dark snapshot of American history that has largely remained hidden from public view and absent from national memory.

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Hutchison teaches at the University of Denver’s University College, where he currently directs two programs: Arts & Culture and Global Affairs. He has published several books and chapbooks of poetry. In 2017, Assetou Xango became the poet laureate of Aurora, Colorado. She will serve a two-year term.